's business philosophy is to represent a select group of manufacturers considered to be the best in class. We utilize North America's premier manufacturers of custom made command units; the benchmark against which all other command unit manufacturers are measured.

Mobile command post vehicles are mobile offices used to organize and monitor incidents for long periods of time. They are often divided into 3 spaces: a conference room area, a galley and restroom area, and a workstation/command center. Communications equipment that includes radio and telephone equipment is also quite common. Video monitoring and recording equipment, heating and air conditioning equipment, and many other amenities are available. Please review our growing site to learn more.

Ford F550 or F554 Severe Duty Stage 1

Ford F550 or F554 Severe Duty Stage 2

1. F550-F554 Stage 1

2. F550-F554 Stage 2

3. F550-F554 Mini-Pumper

4. F550-F554 Brush Truck
F550-F554 Custom 6x6
5. F550 Custom 6x6
F550-F554 Custom 6x6
6. F550 Custom 6x6
Ford F550 Supreme
7. F550-F554 Flatbed
Ford F550 F554 4x4 Stage 2 Extreme
8. F550-F554 Flatbed

9. 40ft Dual-Slide

10. Accessible Police Unit

11. Top-Rail Police Command

12. 5th Wheel Command

13. 5th Wheel Command

14. F550 4x4 Command

15. C5500 4x4 Command

16. F450 Police Command

17. Sprinter Police Command

18. Sprinter Gate Lift

19. Two-Stage Roll Steps

20. Xcursion 6x6 Command

21. F-750 4WD Command

22. C5500 4WD Command

23. Camouflage Command

International Chassis

Spartan Chassis

Chevrolet Chassis

Freightliner Chassis

Freightliner 4x4 Truck

Sterling 6x6 Truck

Kenworth 4x4 Truck

Peterbilt 4x4 Truck

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