Freightliner Business
Class M2 4x4

Drivers look to the Business Class M2 100 when visibility and maneuverability are top priorities. Available with 19.5-inch wheels and hydraulic or air brakes, the M2 100 is ideal for tight situations such as pickup and delivery, food and beverage, and towing. The Business Class M2 106 offers exceptional visibility and get-around like the M2 100 but in a bigger, stronger package. With a

standard Mercedes Benz 900 engine and a chassis that can support a wide array of bodies and chassis-mounted equipment, the M2 106 is a true workhorse that will please even the most discerning driver. The Business Class M2 112 boasts a 1,200-square-inch radiator with the MBE 4000 engine and available optional TufTrac and AirLiner suspension systems to offer rock-solid performance with a smooth ride under the most extreme conditions. The M2 112 is available as a truck or tractor with GVWR up to 66,000 pounds. Review Truck Brochure in PDF format CLICK HERE.

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Freightliner Columbia 4x4

Building on a century of experience, Freightliner set out to take durability, reliability and ease of maintenance to a new level for the 21st century. Maybe that's why the Columbia sold more than any other Class 8 truck in the industry last year. More and more fleet and owner operators are turning to the Columbia for features like a large chrome grille that not only looks great, but keeps things cool under the hood more efficiently. They turn

to the Columbia for aerodynamic design that not only offers a better-handling truck, but improved fuel economy. The Freightliner Columbia is a truck that offers all the strength and durability that Freightliner has built its reputation on with newer and smarter customizing options including 7 sleeper cab configurations, and the new 112" BBC configuration. Reliability and power come standard. Review Truck Brochure in PDF format CLICK HERE.

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