Ford F550 6x6 Xcursion Command Unit - Click on photos to see larger image
One ton gear-over box axles for a 1 to 2 ton hauling applications. These axles have matching brake systems to whatever 1 ton axles you have now. They are available for most any gear ratio and are rated at 800HP for maximum durability. The vehicle is fitted with 6 wheel ventilated discs at the completion of the conversion process. This ensures maximum braking efficiency and durability under the hardest conditions. Longer brake life can be expected under most common-use conditions.

All gearbox parts are common and easily replaceable. The gearbox is manufactured to replace the Corp 14 bolt OR 9 inch Ford pinion flange for a strong mount and worry free installation. The gear-over box also gives you 6 inches higher driveshaft angle for a smooth driveshaft operation. With the forward gear-over box this also gives you a long driveshaft to the number 3 axle for smooth high-speed articulation with no driveshaft bind. In comparison to a through pinion axle you have 13 more inches of driveshaft length with the gear-over box for better driveshaft angles and more axle articulation. We also offer the ultimate off road suspension for wheel travel and minimum tire scrub. It is a double wishbone reverse facing 3 link with a walking beam leaf spring setup. This system reduces tire scrub by "steering" the axle with body roll.

Why Consider a 6x6 Conversion?
  • 2 times more load capacity
  • 3 times more wheel travel/ axle articulation
  • 50% more traction and braking capacity
  • 30% more braking Swept area
  • 300% increase in left/right load stability
  • The suspension levels itself off road far superior to a 4X4
  • 100% increase in ride quality due to the load sharing suspension
  • 100% increase in wheel articulation over standard 4X4 vehicle
  • Less stress and strain put on the axles for same load capacity
  • Air bag suspensions also have vehicle load leveling, making for a safer/stable transport
  • A 4X4 with the same weight capacity far exceeds the cost of a 6X6 conversion
  • The Bogie suspension allows VERY minimal chassis flex/stress for maximum load stabilization
  • Tire wear is minimized with the "steering" rear suspension over a dually setup
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