There are several reason why the pictures may not popup when clicked.

The script controlling the large image previews is JAVA code. It is completely dependant on the browser you are using and the settings you choose. If you have installed Windows or Macintosh operating system using default settings, the JAVA will perform as expected. However, if you have choosen to install a third-party pop-up eliminator, set you browser security to HIGH or manually disabled the JAVA function within the security console, all these will disable your JAVA functions.

Is Your Computer Behind a Firewall?

Many organizations and home users use firewall technologies to ensure network security. Sometimes the way the firewall is set up prevents JAVA from communicating directly with the computer you are using. Ask your computer support person if you use a firewall and if so, direct them to this page as it contains relevant information for allowing access to this websites function from within your network. Sockets 80 and 5050 are required to be opened on firewalls. The end user's browser sends an HTTP request to the website's URL on socket 80. The website's server receives the request and sends back an HTML document on socket 80. The document instructs the browser to start it's Java interpreter and asks for the client Java applet on socket 5050. Port 5050 must be open bidirectionally.

Are you using a MAC?

With the MAC operating system, Apple itself writes the Java interpreter that carries our Java programs in Internet Explorer (Netscape Navigator uses its own version of Java, with its own issues, and IE is probably a better choice in this case). Make sure you have the latest version of the MAC Runtime for Java, the Apple Java engine by CLICKING HERE. Mac's running OS 10.3.9 will need to read this SAFARI ISSUES.

Are you using AOL?

AOL's browser also does not have very good Java support. Overall, AOL provides poor internet software in itself. However, there's an easy workaround for this. Once connected to AOL, simply minimize your AOL browser, then open Internet Explorer (Most computers come with a copy of IE. Check your PROGRAMS list). If you access to our website using IE, you should be able to connect (though you do need to make sure that Java Virtual Machine is installed).

Popup Window Slips to the Back

Occasionally, when a person has been viewing large photos and then the remaining do not seem to work when clicked on. What has happened is the popup window has not been closed and then a person clicks the main page, the popup window gets sent to the back. As you proceed to click pictures, they do load, however they are loading behind the main page. Reduce the main page and close the preview popup. Come back to the main page and resume viewing the photos and the popup will come to the front again.

If none of the above options fit your situation, the following may be your problem. Sun Microsystems sued Microsoft for integrating the Runtime JAVA script found in Microsoft Virtual Machine. Sun won the case in January 2001 and as a result, any new Microsoft products will not have this support built in after 2007. See more here: Java Removed and more here Transitioning. New Microsoft products not providing JAVA support begin with any fresh install of the Windows 2000 SP4 or any XP user who upgrades to Service Pack 1a.

To check whether a machine has the Java Virtual Machine installed:
  1. Open a Command Prompt window:
    (Start menu - Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt)
  2. Type "jview" (without the quotes) and press the Enter key.
  3. If help information is displayed, the JVM is installed. If you get an error message such as "...not recognized as an internal or external command..." JVM is not installed.

Since a great majority of the internet will remain JAVA active for years to come, we have provided the installation file for JAVA support. This install is absolutely virus free and supports both Windows 2000 and XP. We suggest downloading and installing this if you meet any of the critieria mentioned above. Due to Microsoft's aggressive effort to boycott and eliminate the JAVA install from all software resources, we suggest you download this for safekeeping. It is very difficult to find this installation file even at this time.

Download and Install Instructions

1. Download the compact Microsoft Virtual Machine to your hard drive.

Download EXE (MSJavx86.exe) (5.35mb)

Latest full version may be found HERE.

2. Bookmark this page for easy return and exit all applications.
3. Find the file on your hard drive where you downloaded.
4. Run the exeutable file MSJavx86.exe to install java support.
5. You may have to restart the computer and then return to this site.

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